Ram Navami

This is the day when lord rama was born to Dasharath and queen kaushalya in Ayodhya, presently located in Uttar Pradesh. He is said to have been born on Shukla paksh  in the ninth day of Chaitra month. He had three other brothers who were born to the two other wives of the king. Lord rama is said to have been the incarnation of lord Vishnu and took birth on his own will to destroy the Devil Ravana. Ram was the seventh incarnation and was born in the treta yuga,followed by satya yuga.
At some places this festival runs for nine days and is also called Sri Ram Navaratra. Bhajan and kirtan are organized during those few days and prasad is distributed after the completion of the puja. On the eighth day people take bath in the river which is called Ganga Snan, this done based on particular timings mentioned by astrologers. In the South India this day is celebrated as the wedding ceremony of Lord rama and his wife sita. Ramasita kalyanam, wedding ceremony of the divine couple are held all around in South Indian temples.Ram navami is celebrated lavishly in places like Ayodhya, Sita Samhit Sthal, Bhadrachalam, Rameshwaram. 


Lord Rama was also known as ‘Maryada Purshottam Ram’ which means he had the wisest character as a husband, son and father.He ruled his kingdom peacefully. It was a rare time when all his subjects were happy, healthy, they were not subjected to torture, abasement. They worshipped their king like a god with respect, this is called Ram Rajya

. To think of such a situation now in the country is like trying to move a mountain. I will not say this is impossible, it is totally possible if we elect proper leaders whose main aim is to develop the country and not his or her own property.

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