I have loved only two people till date. My mother and father, they are best gift god has provided me with. And I suppose its not only me whose parents are so supportive, for every parent their child is the best thing happening to them. Since I’m going to write on a very special and complicated topic love. I choose to write the parent child love relationship.

True love

The day a child is born that is happiest day in the life of a father or mother. Thereafter when we grow older they motivate us to do things rich are good for us or things which we like. For instance my father always made me climb trees or ride bicycles since I had this tomboyish character and liked doing things which boys like to do. Throughout these activities we may get tired or hurt but our dad or mom will make us do it again and again so that we get better in that, we may sometimes take them as ruthless; but we should remember that whatever they do its for our own good.

We learn through the hard way and then only develop ourselves. When we grow up we may demand something extravagant and then just to make us happy they’ll buy that for us, even if it means to give up the months salary

. But you knowΒ  we humans are very selfish, even if our parents care for the smallest of our joys we forget about that as soon as it means giving up our own enjoyment. Immediately we will forget about those sleepless nights they spent when we got fever or the day they gave up their happiness to give us ours.
I think we should always try to maintain a healthy relationship with our parents, no matter how much we hate them because if we don’t their memories will make us hate ourselves for the rest of our lives.
Love is such a feeling where we can’t remain angry from our loved ones for a long time. A smile usually comes to our face whenever we think about them. Even their smallest gifts has much value and we don’t usually miss them because they are always with us in our thoughts, speech.