Ram Navami

This is the day when lord rama was born to Dasharath and queen kaushalya in Ayodhya, presently located in Uttar Pradesh. He is said to have been born on Shukla paksh  in the ninth day of Chaitra month. He had three other brothers who were born to the two other wives of the king. Lord rama is said to have been the incarnation of lord Vishnu and took birth on his own will to destroy the Devil Ravana. Ram was the seventh incarnation and was born in the treta yuga,followed by satya yuga.
At some places this festival runs for nine days and is also called Sri Ram Navaratra. Bhajan and kirtan are organized during those few days and prasad is distributed after the completion of the puja. On the eighth day people take bath in the river which is called Ganga Snan, this done based on particular timings mentioned by astrologers. In the South India this day is celebrated as the wedding ceremony of Lord rama and his wife sita. Ramasita kalyanam, wedding ceremony of the divine couple are held all around in South Indian temples.Ram navami is celebrated lavishly in places like Ayodhya, Sita Samhit Sthal, Bhadrachalam, Rameshwaram. 


Lord Rama was also known as ‘Maryada Purshottam Ram’ which means he had the wisest character as a husband, son and father.He ruled his kingdom peacefully. It was a rare time when all his subjects were happy, healthy, they were not subjected to torture, abasement. They worshipped their king like a god with respect, this is called Ram Rajya

. To think of such a situation now in the country is like trying to move a mountain. I will not say this is impossible, it is totally possible if we elect proper leaders whose main aim is to develop the country and not his or her own property.


I have loved only two people till date. My mother and father, they are best gift god has provided me with. And I suppose its not only me whose parents are so supportive, for every parent their child is the best thing happening to them. Since I’m going to write on a very special and complicated topic love. I choose to write the parent child love relationship.

True love

The day a child is born that is happiest day in the life of a father or mother. Thereafter when we grow older they motivate us to do things rich are good for us or things which we like. For instance my father always made me climb trees or ride bicycles since I had this tomboyish character and liked doing things which boys like to do. Throughout these activities we may get tired or hurt but our dad or mom will make us do it again and again so that we get better in that, we may sometimes take them as ruthless; but we should remember that whatever they do its for our own good.

We learn through the hard way and then only develop ourselves. When we grow up we may demand something extravagant and then just to make us happy they’ll buy that for us, even if it means to give up the months salary

. But you know  we humans are very selfish, even if our parents care for the smallest of our joys we forget about that as soon as it means giving up our own enjoyment. Immediately we will forget about those sleepless nights they spent when we got fever or the day they gave up their happiness to give us ours.
I think we should always try to maintain a healthy relationship with our parents, no matter how much we hate them because if we don’t their memories will make us hate ourselves for the rest of our lives.
Love is such a feeling where we can’t remain angry from our loved ones for a long time. A smile usually comes to our face whenever we think about them. Even their smallest gifts has much value and we don’t usually miss them because they are always with us in our thoughts, speech.


We always have lots of complaints against men.We say they hurt us , they don’t understand us, they do whatever they but we can’t. I think all these things are only because our culture shaped us this way.The environment where we live wouldn’t allow to us to stay out till late at night and even if we get this chance I don’t think it would be possible for us to out everyday and come home late. Its not the fault of the males that they think us inferior, its the fault of the society which taught him to think this way .Whenever we speak about the success of a man we sa woman must have been with him, this thing works both ways sometimes even a man maybe responsible for her success. Today I’m going to speak a few men who worked for the upliftment of women.
Sometimes I imagine how my life would have been if I wouldn’t get a supportive father, such as mine. Continue reading “Womanhood”

Holi-A festival of colors

Calling this festival simply as the festival of colors is not enough it’s the festival of unity in diversity. It is enjoyed by individuals of different regions of the nation.

There are many mythological stories associated with this festival.The most famous ones are that of lord Krishna and Radha and that of Prahallad and Hiranyakashap.

According to the first legend lord Krishna used to spray colors on the gopis while he was in Vrindavan. That’s why on the purnima before holi people worship lord krishna first and then they put colors on him.This is called Dol purnima.  The color is called Abeer, is put on his feet as a way of seeking the lord’s blessings.

The second legend is a bit different it is said that Prahallad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu was the son of a devil Hiranyakashyap.The devil in order to kill his son for praying the lord called his sister Holika. She had the blessings of lord Brahma and would not die even if she sat on fire.This get interesting when she sits with prahallad on the fire and gets herself burnt instead of him.  From that day onwards people in some of the regions burn holika before the day of playing holi.

But these traditions are not followed nowadays. Youngsters start playing holi much before holika is burnt or much before dol purnima. For their personal enjoyment they have stopped following the traditions and customs.

Holi also has great biological significance since march and april are the months when people are more likely to get sick with skin diseases like chicken pox and other such diseases the colors of holi are said to keep such diseases off of us. Again during this people are more lazy than ever because of the change in season from winter to summer, the activities of the festival makes them work out their drowsiness.

People also clean their homes during holi making it more hygienic.

Now let’s move to the food section thandaai and bhang are one of the famous drinks of holi. Drinking it does make the people little drowsy but not drunk. They are naturally made beverages. Thandaai is basically prepared using milk,water, sugar, almond,poppy seed,fennel , fresh rose petal and cardamom powder. To go with it you may add 2-3 optional ingredients.  Bhang is prepared using Marijuana leaves,milk,sugar
,water,almond, clove, cardamom, ginger, rose water, Cinnamon etc.
Gujia, Papri, Dahi Valle are some other favored delicacies of Holi.


Holi is played in different regions in different ways one of the most famous is the lath mar holi of Barsana region of India.It takes place days before actual holi, the man of Barsana visit Nandgaon region and sing provocative songs, the women of the village then act as if they are provoked and playfully beat the man with lathis   who in turn protect themselves with shields and all this take place near the radha rani festival. Thousands of tourists witness this festival every year.

Lath mar holi

In mathura holi continues for at least 16 days.
But in the major cities of the country this festival has taken a total different turn . Holi is organized by different clubs there people play holi using balloons, pichkari and abeer. The cultural importance is almost lost. Boys and girls drink thandaai and bhang and get themselves drunk totally. Lots of accidents also take place during this festival.One of the most recent one in which 5 people were fatally killed due to their own mistake took place last year.Girls are molested every year during this festival , since the faces are covered with colors so guys take it as  a chance to have their ways with us.
So girls be careful these two days about whom to trust. Don’t go into the sweet talks, be aware. And all of my fellow bloggers a very HAPPY HOLI to all of you.


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