Laghu kathayein

So here we are all celebrate my 50th birthday, just kidding. I am going to present you with a task or competition as you call it,  which is laghu kathayein.

Now you would want to know what is this “laghu kathayein” it is short story writing in Hindi.Since my blog is based on India and Indians so I  thought it would be better to use some hindi  words whenever possible, after all its our national language.

The best thing for me to do now is tell you folks  exactly what you would have to do, otherwise you will leave the site because all of us have some  patience and I wouldn’t want to test yours.All  nonsense aside all you have to do here is share  with me stories based on your childhood  memories.I think this is one of the easiest task a person gets to do, since we all remember it quite clearly how our  childhood was.It may be bitter at times,  excited,  sweet anything. Just share it.

There are No word limits because I think you people are familiar with short story writing and you  can link your posts to my email

I hope I am in safe hands and No one will try  playing with my email.As for the prize or award  that will be soon announced following the  number of entries.So convince as many friends  as possible. And the best entries will depend  upon the most number of likes you get on your  posts.

You can also write about your progress using  this in twitter #laghu @param8 ask me about your queries and also in my  Facebook page

18 thoughts on “Laghu kathayein

      1. I thought you would be angry with me and might punish me so I was shivering but now after reading your reply, I am bit relaxed……
        Wishing you all the best………
        I wish life and study must be going well……………


      2. Thanks for having mercy on me, this generous creature always lives on the mercy and well wishes of wonderful, amazing and great friends like you, and I wish, through out life time they will remain same..
        Am I expecting too much?????????????????


      1. Paramita;
        Still, I am unable to understand, what exactly you are saying, be clear in your communication, without any hesitation, communicate in clear cut terms so, accordingly I can guide you….
        If you have any plan in mind, if you have any specific thought in mind, or if you have some idea in mind, please feel free to communicate, depending upon the merit of idea, I will think what can be done; how it can be done……..
        Wishing you all the best………………………….


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