Two of my favorite sisters.
Two of my favorite sis

This post is a surprise for everyone. Its a human instinct to love surprises and so I thought to complete this task as a part of assignment.Here I’m presenting you with some of the best photographs that I took last year.

A marriage sieve or kula as it is called in bengali
A marriage sieve or kula as it is called in bengali

This is a sieve it holds five earthen lamps which represents the five elements .It was taken last December.

A cleanliness programme
A cleanliness programme

This picture was taken during a cleanliness programme in our college .Though my friends were not much cooperative while it was taken,still some pictures are worth clicking.

The first photograph was taken on the month of July during Guru Purnima.On this day the students pray for the welfare of their teachers.

In Victoria Memorial
In Victoria Memorial

This photograph was taken in the month of January last year,in Victoria Memorial, Kolkata.

Most of the photographs here have been taken using my smartphone. I hope you like and if you have any questions regarding this feel free to ask me.

4 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Beautiful pictures. It’s wonderful to be able to literally see other places and how people live today!

    This is a great surprise and I hope you continue to do this once a month.



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