Why do I need to do this?

To day I would like to publish a post based on my anti bucket list. The list is huge because I don’t like doing most of the things that my society would call girlish activities.

Taken during my sisters wedding

Let me start with socialization, I call myself social but if you ask my pals or relatives they would give you a totally different version. The first thing that is likely to be said is she likes to be isolated, well if for me I like talking to people who like talking to me or who are interested in any conversation with me. I like talking about current affairs or something which is informative, some which refreshes my mind, instead I get to hear conversation based who slapped whose husband , which mother-in-law kicked out her bride, which husband is having affairs with a mistress or if I’m lucky enough then I get to hear something based on current political scenario.

Now the second task that irritates me is joining my elders (not my parents because I follow them most of the time) when they visit some sankirtan where the whole time, they would be busy shouting Hare Ram Hare Krishna. May be lord helps them without their their involvement in the task, but this is not the case for me. Every time I try concentrating on something they pull me out of it and I need to follow them. And now as if sankirtans were not good enough we’ve got fasts included in our religion, the basic way to impress some God. I personally believe in on God, but in my religion we’ve got many gods and goddesses, quite easy to confuse people with the variety of rituals. The only savior for me is mom, who is always ready to protest her in-laws for me.

Sometimes I feel myself to be one of the laziest fellows God ever created, even though I love cooking yet I don’t like peeling vegetables. Isn’t it funny , I mean if someone is ready to cook than he/she must be ready to perform all the task involved with it. Whenever I try peeling a potato it takes me more than 10 minutes and when the task is completed you can find half of the potato portion still lying with potato skin.

Everything confusion apart whenever there is any function in the family or somewhere in the neighborhood, I don’t hesitate for a second to do any of the tasks that I mentioned in my anti-bucket list , probably because I like socializing in my own way, I like enjoying in my own way. Now if I have exams knocking the door ,I cant close my ears and be the spotlight of a party I’ll have to exclude myself. But when I’m free none can stop me from what actually is life.

Taken during my sisters wedding

Along with friends in Umananda
Along with friends in Umananda

15 thoughts on “Why do I need to do this?

  1. Ha ha ha…. What a true confession! I am also highly social but annoyingly unsocial when it comes to gossips and kitty parties. Don’t like watching hindi tele soaps at all. And your vegetable peeling part is hilarious.


  2. Meloheat;
    What a wonderful, amazing,excellent and elegant changes; from theme to color combination, from perfect usage of widgets to the amazing presentation style.
    It seems, now, you have decided to utilize your full potentiality.
    Isn’t it??
    Your selection of topic is amazing and it deserves due credit; because out of 10 most of the bloggers use subject of their post about their own bucket-list but; you choose “Anti bucket list” good.
    Believe, me in this single post you have addressed many issues, just like the current standard of society, what young generation thoughts about it with clear-cut yet very humor tone.
    Though. I am not appropriate person to evaluate your writing (because, I am too learning) but with your due permission; I would like to say you have done amazing work.
    Keep it up; okay, agreed, don’t publish more often, but, do publish as you wish; with such a wonderful post.
    Wishing you all the best……………….


      1. Now when you are going to give me party??????????????????
        Because, as per your wish; I have commented here.
        Second; by doing some magic you have recovered it from trash.


    1. Thanks actually I have a recitation to do tomorrow and I was going through a few poems , I already had that assignment in my mind.It just clicked and since its republic day so I tried this one.


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